"I AM" Sermon Series - April 11 - May 30, 2021

Do you really know Jesus or do you just know about Him?  As we explore the 8 “I AM” statements in the gospel of John, we’re going to seek to really know Him.  Is Jesus a liar, a lunatic, a legend, or the Lord of All?  Is He really God as identified by the phrase “I AM” in Exodus 3:14?   Join me in this study as we explore what Jesus said about Himself as Deity.

Join us on line via Facebook Live at 9am or in person outside at 11am, April 11, 2021 through May 30, 2021.

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  • I AM the Resurrection and the Life - May 16, 2021

    As Jesus continues to point people to His Divinity in the gospel of John, He makes a bold statement. He says, “I AM the resurrection and the life.” Jesus does not merely say that He will bring about the resurrection or that He will be the cause of the resurrection (both of which are true), but that He is the Resurrection and the Life. The Jews of Jesus’ day considered this blasphemy because they didn’t recognize Jesus as God. They thought he was a prophet or great teacher at best and a false imposter at worse. But He was pointing to the fact that He is divine.

    Jesus is the 2nd person of the Trinity which permeates the pages of scripture. He has the power over life and death. He determines the beginning of our life, the longevity of our life, provides for the forgiveness of sins, and is the only source of eternal life. 

    In our story today, Mary and Martha are distraught over the death of their brother, Lazarus. They think Jesus has forgotten them and has allowed their brother to die. But Jesus shows that He has a powerful plan to truly show that He is the resurrection and the life. From our story today, we learn . . . . Jesus has power over life and death as well as power to forgive sins.

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  • Mega Sports Camp is Back! June 14-18, 2021

    Join us June 14-18, from 9am to 12:30pm, for Mega Sports Camp.  The camp is designed for students entering 2nd Grade this fall through students who have completed 5th Grade. Throughout the week, your child will participate in sports, music, worship rallies, bible stories, athlete stories and snack time.

    All activités will take place at our First Baptist Church Campus. Please bring a bottle, marked with your child's name, wear comfortable shoes that provide support (no open-toes), and apply sunscreen before arriving or bring sunscreen.

    Please bring your own baseball, frisbee, volleyball for those particular tracks. Your child may bring an offering to send to Kenyan Orphans through "His Father's Mercy Outreach".

    This year, we are offering:

    - Basketball

    - Cheer

    - Ultimate Frisbee

    - Volleyball

    There is a $30 camp fee, which includes a t-shirt and the Family Day Luncheon, or $20 if a t-shirt is not needed.

    To register your student online, CLICK HERE.  Reservations are required as we are limiting each sport to 14 students.  To pay the camp fee online, click on the PayPal Donate button below.

    If you would like donate a camp fee or supplies that are needed, CLICK HERE to view the supply list.

    Should you have any questions, please contact Coach Yvette (530) 637-5583 or the Church Office at 530-273-7301

  • I AM the Good Shepherd - May 9, 2021

    Jesus said in John 10:11, “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” The metaphor of shepherd is a good one for understanding more about Jesus. Even though most people don’t understand a lot about sheep and shepherding, this metaphor provides insight into who Jesus is in His divine nature. 

    In Bible times, owning sheep was a major way people supported their families. It provided the livelihood for many house-holds. If you owned sheep, you had to protect them from preda-tors. When a sheepherder saw a wolf coming, rather than fleeing, they would have to fight back to protect the sheep. 

    Protecting a defense-less flock of sheep in an open field would in-volve sacrificing safety. An owner, whose entire livelihood was at stake, would take risks. On the other hand, an employee with only a day’s wage at stake would not. 

    Jesus uses this imagery to show us how much He loves and cares for us. He laid His life down to save our souls, He rose from the dead and conquered death to give us eternal life. He watches over us in this life and protects us from dangers on a daily basis. He truly is the good shepherd!

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