Jonah: Trusting God's Loving Plan Sermon Series

We think we know best but are often wrong.  God wants us to trust His loving plan for this world and our lives.  Disobedience has a price but God will forgive and often provide a second chance when we repent.  Looking at the life of Jonah, let’s discover important truths from this man’s life that can guide us in trusting God’s loving plan no matter what. 

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  • Repentance is the ONLY Way - February 28, 2021

    Repentance is always difficult, and the difficulty grows greater with delay. The longer you wait to repent following any sin or transgression, the more difficult it becomes. God wants us NOT TO DELAY because He is always ready to forgive us as soon as we ask Him. He is compassionate and cares deeply for us! He knows how much our spiritual life depends on keeping a clear conscience before Him.


    In our text today, we find that Jonah is in the belly of the BIG fish. He has been swallowed alive. From inside the fish, He cries out to the LORD in his distress. Jonah pleads with God regarding his situation and notice what the LORD does. He listens and

    answers Jonah’s request. God is not acting like He is a million miles away. No, He acts like He is right there with Jonah because He is. 

    Jonah’s prayer is one of sincerity and emanates from a desperate cry to God. This is not a time to pray shallow platitudes. No, it is a time to truly seek God with a broken and sincere heart. Jonah realizes he has been wrong in his actions and it is time to come clean. His prayer is liberating and will open doors for God to use him in His kingdom.

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  • God's Love Intercepts our Lives - February 21, 2021

    When calamity or crisis comes upon us, we don’t often think that God is using it to intercept our lives because of His great love, do we? In fact, our thoughts often turn to God punishing us. But God often has to use tough love to direct us back to His plan and purpose. He has to work out the circumstances in our lives so that He gets our attention and puts us on the right path. 

    In the story of Jonah, it is determined that Jonah is the cause of the great storm on the sea. God causes a tempest to come and the sea is raging. Jonah is fleeing from the presence of the LORD but the LORD is not fleeing from Jonah. In God’s sovereignty, He allows the mariners on the ship to cast lots and it is determined that Jonah is the cause of the mighty storm. He tells the mariners to hurl him into the sea and the storm will stop. They don’t want to do it and do everything they can to row back to shore to no avail.

    After calling out to the LORD that He would not hold this against them, they pick Jonah up and throw him into the sea. The sea stops its raging, but what about Jonah? What happens to him? Jonah 1:17 says, “And the LORD appointed a great fish to swallow up Jonah. And Jonah was is the belly of the fish three days and three nights.” 

    Can you imagine God’s love being expressed this way?

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