Hope - When Believing Gets Hard Sermon Series

September 12 - November 21, 2021

Hope is indispensable to life!  We need hope to survive.  But how do you keep your "hope quotient" up when life is really difficult?  How do you keep from becoming despairing? The Bible gives us the keys to strengthening our hope when our faith is tested.  Learn how to trust God in the most difficult times of life by relying on the promises in His Word.

Join us for our new sermon series, HOPE, in person or live via Facebook Live at 9am and 11am, September 12 - November 21, 2021.

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The world is longing for hope. We believe that hope is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ, and loving and being loved by His community of followers. Our goal is to infuse the hope of Christ in unexpected ways and help move people into action to live a life transformed.

  • Receive Forgiveness - October 24, 2021

    In the Bible, there is a story of a woman who was caught in her own sin. She had committed adultery and was brought before Jesus. When the religious leaders brought an accusation to

    Jesus concerning this woman, they knew that the penalty for such a sin was death by stoning. Normally, this woman would have been stoned. When a person was deserving of a stoning, he or she would be thrown into a pit. Then, the person who witnessed the grievous sin would spit on the victim, pick up a stone and throw it first. The others would wait until he threw the first one, then they would send a volley of sharp and heavy rocks, which would cut the skin and crush the bones.

    But this did not happen in the story we are going to look at today. Instead of stoning her, Jesus handled this matter in a marvelous way and showed by His actions just how much He accepts us, how much we matter to Him, and how He shows His forgiveness. Jesus’ forgiveness knows no boundaries and is limitless.

    Maybe you are here today feeling the burden of sin. You need to get out from under the guilt, and experience the freedom that only Christ can bring.

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  • Harvest Festival - Free - October 31, 2021 3pm to 6pm

    Join us, October 31, 2021, for our annual Harvest Festival from 3pm to 6pm.  There are many stations and activities to keep all ages amused and best of all, it is FREE.

  • Recall the LORD's Compassion - October 17, 2021

    What makes you cry? Do you cry because someone has rejected you? Do you cry because you didn’t get something you wanted to make your life better and give you pleasure? Or do you cry because people around you will suffer for their sinfulness? Do you cry because people reject the God who made them and are heading into a Christless eternity? What makes a person cry says a lot about that person—whether they are self-centered or God-centered.

    Although it does not say explicitly, most Bible scholars attribute the writing of the book of Lamentations to the Prophet Jeremiah. He has been called the “weeping prophet.” Jeremiah grieves deeply because Jerusalem has been destroyed by Babylon and the Israelites killed, tortured, or taken captive. But in the middle of the book, in the depths of his grief, a ray of hope shines through.

    Jeremiah sees that God has a plan. His compassion cannot be thwarted nor can His faithfulness stopped. God continues to comfort His people in the midst of hurt, tragedy and heartache. No matter how difficult life is, He is a God who empathizes.

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