Small Group Classes

Join us in our weekly Small Group Bible Studies. This is an opportunity to meet in a smaller group setting and and get to know each other while spending some time in discipleship.

Each group meets on different days and locations. See the list below for study descriptions, times, and locations to find a group that works for you. Please contact the church office at (530) 273-7301 for more information or to sign up.

Sundays 11:00am –

“Journey into Liberated Living”



Regional Area: FBC Lower Fellowship Hall #103

Leader: Daniel Parker

When: Sundays @ 11am

Starting Date: Sunday, January 6, 2019

Phone: 530-273-7301

Cost: $8


Description: In this 13-lesson study of the book of Galatians you will learn: Experiencing Real Liberation, Being an Enthusiastic Christian, Making Great Friends, Are You a “Chameleon Christian”?, How to Resist Being Bewitched, Avoiding a Spiritual Curse, Two Mountains to Which Every Christian Must Go, Are You Spiritually Mature?, Who is Your Spiritual Mother?, What Does “Falling from Grace” Mean?, Living by the Spirit, Fulfilling the Law of Love and Leading Others to Christ.                       


“Journey of a Lifetime”


Regional Area: Penn Valley

Leader: Joe Sanders

When:  Mondays @ 6:30PM

Starting Date: Monday, January 7, 2019

Phone:  530-432-2681


Description: We will be continuing our 52-week study through the Bible.  Week by week we will learn the Bible depth, to fully understand the purpose behind each book. At the end of this study you will have a basic understanding of every book in the Bible. We will be studying major characters in the Bible, as well as who wrote the Bible. This study will leave you with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Bible and how God speaks to us through His word.


Tuesday 10:00am –

“Old Testament Survey”


Regional Area:  FBC, Lower Fellowship Hall #105

Leader: Camille Muir

When:  Tuesdays @ 10:00am,

Starting Date: Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Phone:  530-272-7301


Description: Have you desired to learn more and understand the Old Testament?  This course will provide a bird's eye view of the entire Old Testament, showing how the various books fit together, giving historical perspective and laying a foundation for interpreting all of Scripture. You will have much greater confidence in knowing your Bible and seeing how the Old Testament gives such deep meaning to the New Testament. 


Wednesday 6:30pm

“Back to the Basics”


Regional Area:   FBC, Upper Fellowship Hall

Leader: Pastor Mark Rindels

When:  Wednesdays @ 6:30PM

Starting Date: Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Phone:  530-273-7301

Cost: $11


Description: Join us in an exciting, informative study of the basics of Christianity.  Most Christians would really like to grow in the basics of the faith, but when they are confronted with taking action in that direction, they become aware of an acute problem--they don't know where to start. This study is designed to help solve this very real problem. One important part of this study is scripture memory. We will learn easy, effective tips for memorizing a scripture verse each week. Lesson titles in this 26-lesson study include: What is God Really Like? How To Have a Quiet Time, How To Know the Will of God, What is the Church?, Who is the Holy Spirit? This journey is designed for new and mature believers alike.



“James: Mercy Triumphs”


Regional Area:   FBC, Lower Fellowship Hall

Leader: Dawn Brindley (WOMEN ONLY)

When:  Wednesdays @ 6:30pm

Starting Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Phone:  530-913-7501

Description: Your story is powerful. Your heartbreak, sickness, and failures are not empty. Those holes in your heart leave space for mercy to fill, making you complete. Your life story is proof of that, just like James. Jesus’ own brother started out as a skeptic. Get to know both the man and the Book of James and see how one glimpse of the resurrected Savior turned an unbeliever into a disciple.

Please contact the church office at (530) 273-7301 for more information or to sign up.