Christmas the Way it Was Meant to Be

You can enjoy “Christmas the way it was meant to be." Learn how to trade fear, stress, consumerism, sorrow, and self-centeredness for hope, peace, giving, joy and love. 

Vision Casting: Honoring the Past Embracing The Future
January 5, 2014 Pastor Mark Rindels

Exodus 14:10-18

Christmas: "Straining Toward The Goal"
December 29, 2013 Pastor Mark Rindels

Phil. 3:7-14

Christmas: "Not Sorrowful But Joyful"
December 22, 2013 Pastor Mark Rindels

Luke 2:1-14

Christmas: "Not Getting But Giving"
December 15, 2013 Pastor Mark Rindels

Matthew 2:1-12

Christmas: "Not Stressful But Peaceful."
December 8, 2013 Pastor Mike Sanchez

Luke 1:76-79

Christmas: "Not Fearful, but Hopeful."
December 1, 2013 Pastor Mark Rindels

Isaiah 9:2-7

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